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       Every tire track tells a story. At least that’s what accident experts say. 

      And there’s no better expert than eighteen-year-old Mason.

      Mason dreads the skid marks left by braking tires. Every mark – every near miss, dead animal, injured person – plays like a soundless documentary in his mind. 

      When Mason's on-again-off-again crush Addie begs him to drive cross-country to help her move, he must face what he thought was his greatest fear – the open road. But a tire mark left near a missing woman's car on the Loneliest Road in America  changes everything. 

      As Mason searches for clues, he and Addie drive closer to trouble and risk losing everything. 

      Can his strange gift finally serve a purpose? 

      Can he race against the clock and drive 2,000 miles before the skid mark disappears?

      This clean YA speculative thriller will take readers on a journey of acceptance, courage, and strength in the face of

the unknown. For fans of Megan Miranda and Jennifer Lynn Barnes, this action-packed debut, with a promise of hope fringed on a highway of despair, will leave readers breathless and eagerly awaiting the next ride.  


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Raine’s father is missing and the police have no leads. Maybe he doesn’t want to be found.


Cole’s uncle committed suicide and no one understands why. Maybe he wasn’t the person Cole thought he was. 


As Raine and Cole search for the truth, for answers to why they were left behind, they uncover a connection that threatens to destroy the people they love. A stranger lurks ever closer, challenging their loyalty and forcing the past into the present. 


Raine’s family and their deep roots to Tahoe might unlock the secrets Cole’s uncle was protecting. And a clue left for Cole ignites a gold hunt that hints at answers about Raine’s missing father just as it lures Cole and Raine deeper into danger. Will Raine and Cole trust each other enough to find the truth and the lost gold?

2023 Illinois Author Project Award Winner!


A Mark in the Road
published by Monarch Educational Services

"This is an intelligent depiction of teenage life...

made ever more dramatic with a crime story

and an element of the supernatural."

Kirkus Reviews

"In this YA novel, Burrell thoughtfully renders Mason’s

double sense of alienation: Not only is he grappling with adolescence,

but he has a weird, uncontrollable supernatural ability.

His relationship with Addie is also tenderly and realistically portrayed."

Kirkus Reviews

Work on Submission: The Silent Deep
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